NexusTransLang is a helper program for translating language file(.lang) of Nexus series programs.
You can also create a translated language file with any text editor.
(Save a language file in UTF8 format)

Download NexusTransLang


Select base language file. Usually it would be an English.lang file.
.lang file is loacated in 'lang' folder in a program installation folder.

If you creating a new language file, leave second input box blank and click 'Load' button.

If you want to edit a language file already exists, select a translated language file. Then click 'Load' button.


Strings need to be translated will be marked as red background.


When you've done translating, click 'Save' button to save a translated language file.

Put a translated language file in a 'lang' folder in a program installation folder.
If you want to share your language file, upload it in 'forum > language files' section on

* You also need to translate .uclang file. It could be done with any text editors. (Save as an UTF8 format)